Caladenia R.Br.

c. 150–250 species in Aust.; all states and territories except NT

Terrestrial herbs usually ± hirsute on the stem ovary and leaf, with small globular tubers. Leaf solitary, basal, linear to lanceolate. Flowers sometimes large, solitary or in small terminal racemes of 2–6 flowers. Cauline bract 1, small. Dorsal sepal erect, usually ± incurved behind the column sometimes deeply so, usually rather narrow; lateral sepals similar, sometimes smaller, spreading or reflexed. Petals narrower and often shorter than the sepals, erect spreading or reflexed. Labellum usually on a moveable claw, entire or 3-lobed, erect at the base; anterior portion recurved; margins often fringed or variously toothed; lateral lobes erect; middle lobe with stalked or sessile calli of various forms in longitudinal rows or more rarely distributed irregularly. Column ± incurved, rather long, winged above. Anther terminal, oblique, pointed, with 2 pollen sacs, valvate; pollinia 4, without a caudicle. Stigma discoid.