Dianella Lam.

48 species in Aust. (endemic, native); all states and territories

Glabrous, perennial herbs often with rhizomes which turn upwards and become erect aerial stems at the end. Leaves distichous, sheathing at the base, linear; the adaxial surface folded and the surfaces on either side of the midrib ± fused together (“occluded”) just above the sheath. Flowers in terminal panicles. Perianth segments blue to greenish white, 6, subequal, free, persistent but not spirally twisted after flowering. Stamens 6; filaments abruptly thickened, glabrous; anthers erect, opening by terminal or ± elongated pores. Ovary 3-locular, with several ovules per loculus; style filiform, simple or with a grooved stigma. Fruit a subglobular berry, usually blue. (Thrips may cause considerable distortion to the flowers.)