Stypandra R.Br.

1 species endemic Aust.; Qld, NSW, S.A., WA

Stypandra glauca R.Br.

Tufted, rhizomatous perennial with tough aerial stems up to 1.5 m high. Leaves linear, up to 20 cm long, 5–15 mm wide, sheathing the stem. Flowers bisexual, nodding, in a terminal cymo-panicle. Perianth segments 6, free, deep blue to white, elliptic, 8–16 mm long. Stamens 6; filaments bent, woolly with yellow hairs towards the top; anthers dehiscing through slits. Ovary 3-locular with several ovules per loculus; style filiform. Fruit a capsule. Widespread. DSF. Fl. summer. Nodding Blue Lily, Candyup Poison or Blind Grass