Sporangia non-soral, exindusiate, in oblong or oval patches which are later mostly confluent. Stipes with 2 basal flap-like expansions. Terrestrial, often arborescent ferns with short, hard, erect, non-scaly trunks or rhizomes Osmundaceae
Mature fronds coriaceous, non-transparent, light green, usually 0.6–2.4 m long including the stipes; stomates present. Sporangia in oval or oblong masses along the minor veinlets, later usually confluent and covering almost the whole of the lower surface of the fronds Todea
Mature fronds membranous or herbaceous, transparent, dark green, usually 0.3–1.4 m long including the stipes; stomates absent. Sporangia clustered on the basal and middle regions of the minor veinlets in oblong or irregular patches, much less abundant than in Todea Leptopteris