Shrubs or trees. Leaves simple or compound, opposite or alternate, mostly entire, without stipules, dotted with obvious or sometimes obscure translucent oil glands. Flowers regular, bisexual (occasionally unisexual in Melicope. Sepals 4–5, free or cohering at the base or forming a cup. Petals equal in number to sepals, free (except Correa and one species of Leionema). Stamens equal in number to petals and alternating with them or double the number or rarely more numerous, free (except for 2 species of Philotheca). Ovary superior, surrounded by a perigynous disc, 4–5-locular, with 1–2 ovules per loculus; placentas axile or basal; style usually simple, gynobasic or terminal. Fruit a schizocarp-capsule, separating into mericarps and the endocarp separating explosively from the epicarp; or a berry; or an explosive capsule. 150 gen., temp. and subtrop., particularly Africa and Aust.